Special Edition Blog: Ifigenia en Tracia

Rather than my silly face and a What's Next title, I am supplying the video I created from Ifigenia en Tracia here...of course this a shameless attempt to plug my own website:) I hope you enjoy this video 'blog' (shot entirely on an Iphone, in case you couldn't tell.)

It's grainy or blurry at points, not every piece of music lined up exactly like I wanted despite my best attempts, I filtered to an even sepia tone because some of the light was just too poor during shooting to address adequately in post but I didn't want anything important to end up on the cutting room floor...roughly 12 minutes of film from about an hour's worth total.

This is for all of you who worked so tirelessly on this production. You are the reason I do what I do. Big Texas hug to each of you and only one question...

What's next???


PS Take note of the unintentional yet kind of awesome J.J. Abrams style light flashes. I did not use a flashlight against the camera to create those...just lucked out. Double click on the video and it will fullscreen for you;) S.